Compass - An Online Interactive Coaching System

About Us

My name is Mike Adams, founder of Living My Purpose is the developer of the Compass Online Potential, Purpose, and Passion Coaching System. Compass is an online assessment driven life, college, and career coaching system.

Compass began in 1998 as a business tool for leadership development. Executives quickly realized the potential impact the system had on the development of management and staff. Soon those same executives began exploring how the system might be used to assist their teens and young adults in identifying college and career choices they had the greatest potential to excel in.

In 2008 we began the process of automating the system, adding charts and reports to support business in team development, dispute resolution, and candidate selection.

By 2009 we added features to assist schools in major selection, educational consultants in life and college and career coaching, counselors in their work and life coaches and nonprofits in personal development.

In 2010 a hundred coaching videos were added to coach users in their potential, purpose and passion. Currently, we have over six hundred coaching and tutorial videos on our Channel "Mike Adams." These videos have now been viewed over 700,00 times by Compass users and the general public.

In 2014 we began adapting the system to support VET's transitioning out of the military.

Our software is used by schools, businesses, counselors, business consultants, life coaches, educational consultants, and educational consultants to assist them in predicting outcomes based upon a potential, passion and purpose. The difference in Compass and other assessment systems is the use of potential design instead of knowledge, skills, and interests which are a poor predictor of actual potential. Using potential as a predictor is a better method because most of us do not have the knowledge base to accurately predict what they might be good at.



Jr/Sr High School Principal, The Rock Academy

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College Admissions and Funding Specialist, College and Beyond, LLC

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Human Resources, Coaching, Training & Conflict Resolution

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CEO LaBahn's Landscaping

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College Planning America

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Educational Consultant and Career Coach

“My college admissions services are incomplete without Compass career assessments even when my students feel confident with their choices in a college major. Compass provides profound in-depth analysis details on…


Mark E. Nicholson, PsyD. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

“We provided the assessments and coaching videos to 80 students and approximately 80% of them found them helpful in focusing their remaining efforts in college, as well as their careers.…


The Honorable Anthony Principi

"... Compass can improve the educational experience for veterans and the return on investment the taxpayers receive for educational benefits for veterans. The amount is extraordinary..“ The Honorable Anthony Principi…