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Business Compass

Get the Right Person in the Right Place

Compass provides systems, processes and methods to help organizations get the Right People, in the Right Place, doing the Right Things, the Right Way for the Right Reasons.

Business Coach

Hire a Living My Purpose Business Coach
A Living My Purpose business coach administers the seven step Sticky Coaching process to bring about the 5 R's (getting the Right People, in the Right Place, doing the Right Things, the Right Way for the Right Reasons.) LMP coaches are trained in the Sticky Coaching business processes and methods associated with our coaching methods.

Personnel Development

The Sticky Coaching Personnel Development Model

Getting the right people is a big part of the battle. Once leadership has the right person Sticky Coaching methods employed by LMP will assure employees go through personnel development sessions designed to maximize their effectiveness. Notice it is effectiveness first, then comes efficiency, there is nothing more useless than doing something extremely well (efficiency) that should not have been done in the first place (ineffective.)

The Right Person

  • High potential to succeed
  • Sustainable passion and drive to succeed
  • Motivating passion that lines up with the position being considered

Executive Coach

Executive Coaching and the Right Place

An LMP executive coach can assist in assuring the right person is in the right place. At times the right person may not be in a perfect position but they can still be in the right place if executive coaching gives them the tools they need to succeed. It is all about working within the context of one’s strengths, talents, behaviors, and personality and using the strengths of other team members to fill in the weaknesses. An LMP executive coach can help develop executives “true north” to assure they are working within the context of who they are, adding enjoyment, effectiveness, and efficiency.

In the Right Place

  • A Life Purpose that lines up well with the role they are being vetted to fill
  • Designed to fill his or her role as a leader, manager or knowledge worker
  • They have the strengths and talents, behaviors and attitudes and are experienced in a way that helps them excel in the role

Leadership Coach

Leadership Coaching and Working on the Right Things

Leadership is about doing the right things. The primary tools of a leader are the ideologies, principles and concepts upon which an organization is built. Often the responsibility of applying these principles, and concepts to assure everyone is working on the right things is over looked, this is the primary function of the leader, to assure everyone is working on the right things. Sticky Leadership Coaching will assure leaders have the knowledge to assign people to do the right things, the understanding to determine if they have the right tools to accomplish the job and the wisdom to coach them in the application of their strengths and talents to the task at hand.

Doing the Right Things

  • As leaders, they know how to figure out what the right things are to do
  • As managers, they know how to get it done right
  • As knowledge workers, they know how to do things right

Coaching Leadership

Coaching Leadership and Doing Things the Right Way

Sticky Coaching starts with coaching leadership in the art of applying principles and concepts to the way things are done. The tools of the leader are principles and concepts. The tools of the manager are processes and methods. Coaching leadership means your leaders and managers attain the knowledge of how to make sure people are doing things the right way, that they have an understanding of how to apply principles and concepts to processes and methods and the wisdom to coach employees on how to do things the right way.

The Right Way

  • How principles and concepts affect outcomes
  • Knows the difference between activity and results
  • Understands how to use processes and methods to get things done right

Leadership Development

Leadership Development so People Know the Right Reasons
LMP Leadership development services assist leaders in understanding the relationship between leaders, managers, and knowledge workers. Leaders must collaborate with managers in developing an understanding of company principles and concepts, helping them see the connections between what the company believes and how those beliefs impact the processes and methods managers and supervisors use to assure things are getting done right.

For the Right Reasons

  • The Vision of leadership or as the leader
  • The Mission of leadership or as the leader
  • The Core Competencies of leadership or as the leader

Leadership Development Plan

Compass, Sticky Coaching and the Leadership Development Plan

LMP is the developer of both the Compass Assessment-Driven Coaching System and the Sticky Coaching system for leadership development. Compass development began in 1998 and was completed in 2015. Sticky Coaching has evolved over the entire career of LMP’s founder Mike Adams. Both systems are indispensable in administering a leadership development plan.

Leadership Assessment

Compass Leadership Assessment

The Compass Leadership Assessment system identifies leadership traits and assists leaders in the development of their strengths and talents. Compass includes myriad tools including tools to assist in identifying, passion, purpose, and potential.

Personnel Coach

Solving Personnel Problems with an LMP Personnel Coach
An LMP personnel coach can provide several important functions for your business including conflict resolution and personnel development for underperforming employees.

Most of the conflict between personnel can be avoided simply by understanding what is driving the unwanted behaviors. Ironically, the conflict between strongly talented individuals goes to waste because both parties are frustrated with their misunderstanding of where the unwanted behaviors they are experiencing are coming from. A LMP personnel coach can not only spot the problem but can offer suggestions as to how to mitigate the behaviors with simple tools and increased understanding.

Call Today and discover how to become more effective with the Right People, in the Right Place, doing the Right Things, the Right Way for the Right Reasons.



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