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Student Compass is different than anything on the market. Compass predicts college and career potential using each person’s individual design – not what they know, what they like or the limited skills they might have.

Why We Need a Different Approach

Today, the stakes are enormous for a young person. They are in the worst possible position to make life-altering decisions about their future. Our competition asks them to make value judgments about life changing issues they do not have the wisdom or knowledge to make.

Bad decisions at this point in a young person’s life are catastrophic; only about half of all students who enroll in college end up graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, as many as 70% of graduates work outside their field of study.

When a graduate fails in the first job out of college, it takes an average of nine years to recover. Young adults are at a point in their lives when they are getting married, having children and buying a home. They quickly discover that they are stuck in a career they do not have the potential to succeed in or the passion for pursuing.

Why Design is Superior

While the competition focuses on the student’s knowledge, skills, and interests, Compass focuses on the student’s basic design. It is a mistake to concentrate on the limited life experience of a sixteen-year-old. In contrast, Compass narrows in on a design so that the student’s potential can be determined, and reached. Predictions using design is a far superior approach to discovering an individual’s career path.

The Right Career and the Right College

When students know what career to pursue, they have the confidence to select a major right away. In turn, they save money, establish focus and develop a deeper commitment toward their chosen field of study.

If students are left to their own devices to decide their future, they do not have the confidence needed to get them through the tough times. Therefore, many students go to college undecided, wasting a significant amount of potential, dollars and time.

Improve Retention and Graduation Rates

Students who know what they are going to do with their lives after college are more committed, more likely to graduate and less likely to find themselves in a career for which they are not suited.

Current 4-year college graduation rates:

  • Overall* 50%
  • White Students* 62%
  • Black Students* 42%
  • 2 yr. Community College** 12%
  • 4 yr. Public State College** 33%
  • 4 yr. Private College** 56%

*American Institutes for Research
**Hub Grads Come up Short in college, James Vazmis

Set Students on a Course for True North

Most of us take our true genius to the grave, demonstrating only 20% of our potential. If students start out focused on their true north, they get the right education for the right career and can then set out on a path which will take them to the right destination. You can help them achieve a life lived to its fullest potential by becoming a Student Compass Adviser.

A Focused Life is a Fulfilled Life

Finding our true north is most critical early in life while one has the time that is necessary to develop one's true genius.

Holistic Concrete Guidance

Compass focuses on bringing holistic advice to each. Utilizing the best scientific research available, Compass discovers the traits that have the greatest impact on future success – whether it be college or career.

It is not enough to simply tell students that they have potential; they need detailed instructions on how to set the course for their future. Compass not only identifies true genius, potential, passion, and drive, it also provides coaching on how to utilize one’s design in life decisions.

Student Compass, Inspiring True Genius

When people learn, work and function in the area of their gifting, they are happier, enjoy more success and are more fulfilled. They live the life they are designed to live.

Become a Student Compass Reseller

If you advise teens in college and career goals, we would love to talk to you about how you can further demonstrate your abilities with Compass.

We certify qualified candidates in the use of Compass and our Living My Purpose process so they can have a significant impact on the lives of young people.

We will train qualified candidates in the use of Compass and our Living My Purpose process so you can have the significant impact on the lives of teens and young adults. Once trained you will be certified in the use and administration of the Compass coaching system and enjoy the benefits of an Adviser relationship.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: to engage in a conversation about how you can become an Adviser and coach.


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