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Is Your Student Graduating High School and Considering College or Trade School?

Help Them Make the Right Choice

The wrong choice means they will take their true genius to the grave with them!

College and career choice are decisions that affect the rest of your teen's life, decisions parents and teens are ill-prepared to make. Decisions of this magnitude should not be made without knowing how your student is designed and how it impacts important College and Career choices.

Is there a way to find out if I will enjoy a job before going to college for it?

Student Compass is the Answer

Student Compass takes a new patent pending approach to predicting college and career success. Instead of using a student’s knowledge, skills, and interest to determine some of the most profound decisions of their lives, Student Compass assesses their potential based on how they are designed; we use the best science available to identify the traits they possess that will make them successful in college and in their career.

Help Them Pick the Right College Major

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic tests administered at most high schools and online, they are based on knowledge, skills, and interests, of course, students, have no experience, knowledge or skills to speak of and their interests are just not that relevant in light of their limited exposure to life. Some of the more advanced college and career tools use personality tests to help identify careers, however, they are incapable of predicting your student's success. Only Student Compass by Living My Purpose can predict college and career potential.

Help Them Pick the Right Career

Personality alone is not enough to zero in on the right career. To find the right college and degree, you must first identify the right career, to know the right career you must identify the students actually design, the True Genius they are born with. It takes three scientific testing instruments to discover design. Once we know a student’s design, we can effectively identify careers, education and life role that fit like a glove. Don’t become part of the 50% college dropout rate.

Discover how a student can significantly improve his or her chances of finding a college and career path that fits like a glove. Most students find the process one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives! Just click on the Order Now button.

Compass is an Online College and Career Coaching System

Compass not only generates great charts, reports, and coaching videos, it also provides a College and Career Coaching Session tailored to provide specific knowledge about the individual, strengths, talents, attributes, personality, behaviors, occupations, education, and personal development . . . all online and all for one low price of $299.99. View a demo of the online profile interpretive session by clicking here.

Student Compass Identifies Life Purpose

What if you could find out exactly what your life purpose is, something you can use it in everyday decisions; here is an example of mine, check it out!

So let’s say that I want to become a sales person! How would I know if I should become a sales person or not by reading my Life Purpose statement? It's easy; just ask yourself, would I get a chance to see connections in complex phenomena to form new ideas? Well, maybe some, but I would give that about a 50% fit. Would I be able to learn new things rapidly?

Sort of, especially at first when I am learning new products and about my client's needs, but after that, it might not be so easy to find new opportunities to learn. So what about living my foundational principles and values, could I do that as a sales person? Not so much. How about the ability to win others over to my point of view? Absolutely, so I would give that a 100% fit, and can I use my natural leadership style, well sort of.

So that rules out going to school or getting a job as a sales person.

Could I be a life coach with my Life Purpose? Test it for yourself! Now that is a great fit, and that is what I do!

This alone is worth $495.99. Go ahead and make the leap, the rewards are worth it, and we guarantee you will be satisfied or you get your money back! What do you have to lose?

Student Compass Identifies Personal Orientation

What if I could know what my life orientation is, could that help me? Well here is my Personal Orientation chart.

This chart indicates I lead as a Thought Leader. That means that as a salesperson I would not get a lot of opportunities to use my own personal orientation, but leading others through the process of thinking through their personal potential and how it relates to a job is a great fit for me.

Order Now to discover how your student is designed, what their life purpose and personal orientation is. Click the Order Now button to get started.

You should be convinced by now, but I know it is hard to let go of your hard earned cash, so let me see if I can convince you further. Do you know that 70% of all college graduates work in a field outside their major, what a waste! So what is causing that? Well, here are several reasons for the phenomena.

First, students do not know what the right career is, what their life purpose is, how they can be intentional about working in their wheelhouse and how to employ their personal orientation to what they want to do. Then, of course, there is the issue of life role. Did you know that Peter Drucker first identified three roles that people work in, leaders, managers, and practitioners (knowledge workers?)

Student Compass Identifies Life Role

What he did not identify was how to know what role your student is designed to play. Now as you can guess we have the answer, it’s a chart that shows what my role is, so take a look.

Student Compass Identifies Highest Potential Jobs

It is obvious what role in life I should play, does your student know if they should study as a leader or a manager or a practitioner? It is critical they understand it and make college and career choices based on the facts, not upon guesses, the stakes are just too high. Now I know you are convinced, but maybe you would like to know a little more about what you daughter or son should do for a career, so check it out . . .

Wow, I am designed to be an executive coach! Good to know because that is what I do, and I do that as an Entrepreneur and CEO of Living My Purpose. I love what I do, it never feels like work and I am changing lives, I get to help people change the world!

Student Compass Predicts College Major Potential

This chart shows how much I would enjoy and how well I should do in a college major (or a trade school for that matter.) So here is a chart that tells me (relatively) what majors fit my design best . . . check it out!

Wow, this chart says I should study Entrepreneurship, which of course I have, now think about it . . . if your son or daughter is heading for a career, don’t you want some assurances that your investment in their lives is going to pay off, have you thought about buying a little piece of mind?

The consequences of not choosing well are documented in several studies:

Current 4-year college graduation rates are:

  • Overall* 50%
  • White Students* 62%
  • Black Students* 42%
  • 2 yr. Community College** 12%
  • 4 yr. Public State College** 33%
  • 4 yr. Private College** 56%
      *American Institutes for Research; **Hub Grads Come up Short in college, James Vazmis

The average student changes majors 4 times during their college career. Further, 70% of graduates end up working outside their major field of study!

So just what do you get? You get:

  • Custom personal reports
  • Personal development reports and charts
  • Career reports and charts
  • Coaching videos specifically addressing your students traits, behaviors, personality and temperament.
  • Action items sent to your email and or phone

This is a no-brainer . . . it is one of the best decisions you will ever make.



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