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The Smart Career Planner for Vet's

Most People Take Their True Genius to the Grave; Robbing the World of the Gift Only They Could Give.

Do you know what makes you special, what your unique contribution to the world will be? Do you know the things that only you can do, they define who you are.

Is your design dictating your career, or have you fallen into the trap of pursuing what you know? What you know and your skills are some of the worst indicators of your true potential. What if you have the potential in a career you would love if only you knew what it was. The only way to find that out is to find out how you are designed.

Compass helps VET's discover how they are designed and where their potential best positions them in the job market before they spend the most formative years of their lives pursuing the wrong training for a career they are poorly prepared for.

You Can Only Perform From Strength

“Most people think they know what they are good at, but they are often wrong. A person can only perform well in the area of their strength. One cannot build performance on weaknesses, let alone on something one cannot do at all.”- Business Guru Peter F. Drucker (1909 - 2005)

Compass identifies talents‚ strengths‚ purpose‚ potential‚ passion and drive‚ it does not evaluate skills and knowledge which are poor predictors of career and or educational potential.

Compelling Reasons to use the Compass Assessment Process

  • Compass reveals things you need to know about your job and that you would otherwise know nothing about
  • Compass tells you what others have no insight into
  • Resumes detail abilities and competencies; Compass uncovers potential that you can tout to employers
  • Resumes identify what you have learned; Compass identifies potential for learning
  • Compass identifies management and leadership potential
  • Compass conveys the best you have to offer
  • Others assess their communication skills; Compass details your communication ability
  • Compass uncovers sustainability
  • Compass showcases strengths and potential

Uncover Your Purpose with a 360° Strengths Assessment

Remember the medical encyclopedia we had at home as children which had clear fold over pages. The first page had a skeleton depicting the major bones in a human body. The next slide had the human organs, and the next the muscles in the body. As the reader folded pages one over the other, he began getting a complete understanding of how the human body is designed. Each page would help you understand how a particular system is constructed, but you could not get a complete picture of how the body functioned as a whole until you folded all the other slides over.

In the same way, Career Compass paints a revealing picture or personal profile, much like each progressive transparency in the medical book. The Behaviors test describes how people view themselves. The Personality test describes how people approach the world, and process information and the Traits test evaluates what personal attributes s a person is gifted with.

Wisdom from Mark Twain and Albert Einstein

“A man spent his entire lifetime looking for the world’s greatest general. Finally, the day came for him to die. When he arrived in heaven, he told St. Peter, “I am looking for the world’s greatest general.” St. Peter said, “If you look over there, you will see the world’s greatest general.” The man excitedly looked over, but then turned with disappointment to St. Peter and said, “That is not the world’s greatest general. That man was a cobbler on Main Street in my hometown!” St. Peter responded, “But if had been a general, he would have been the greatest general ever.”

What are you designed to become; what is your True Genius? Career Compass for VET's can help you discover the right career, the right role so you can have the impact on the world and become the person you are designed to be.

“Everybody is a genius. However, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Albert Einstein



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