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Personal Compass

The Personal Development Planner

Compass Online Assessment-Driven Coaching System! You will be stunned with the effectiveness of the Compass comprehensive approach compared to the simplistic assessments on the market.

Best of Class Assessments

Compass is an elegant integration of the five most powerful assessment tools on the market today:

  • Behaviors Assessment (The same science as the branded version marketed as DISC® Assessment)
  • Personality Assessment (The same science as the branded version marketed as Myers Briggs® Instrument)
  • Traits Assessment (The same science as the branded version marketed as StrengthsFinder® Assessment)
  • Temperament Assessment (The same science as the branded version marketed by many firms)
  • Interest Inventory Assessment (The same science as the branded version marketed as Strong® Assessment or Holland® Assessment)

Comprehensive Personal Profile Report Components

P3 Drivers Chart

Learn what drives your Potential, Purpose and Passion and how to be intentional about exercising.

Life Purpose

Comparing opportunities against one's life purpose provides the context in which good life decisions can be made.

Personal Potential

Compass identifies an individual's personal potential in the summary report and provides the detailed overview of each personal trait in coaching videos.


The engine on a motorboat gives it strength but it still creates a wake. Our personal traits also produce some weaknesses which bring insights into why we struggle in certain areas.

Life Objectives

Compass provides action items for each trait. Spending time to learn what we should be doing helps us grow.

Your Unique Career Goal Report

Any career should be compared to ones Career Goal to assure a career pursuit fits within the context of one's ultimate live intentionally.

Online Video Interpretive Session Example

  • Interactive online video customized to the user's profile
  • Over thirty videos for over 30 minutes of coaching
  • Custom playlist control
  • Always available

Personal Mentoring Messages

  • Messages sent to the user's daily or weekly to phone and or email
  • Can be restarted at any time
  • Keep users focused on their personal development process

Occupations Report

The occupations report is optional, it can be turned on and off in the company settings. All jobs are sorted within the educational background required including college, trade schools and or high school.

  • Career Suggestions sorted by education requirements
  • Day in the Life Videos to see what a job is all about
  • College Major and Minor Suggestions
  • Jr College, Trade School and High School Jobs
  • Detailed career information on over 500 careers
  • Detailed College information on most every college in America
  • O*Net links to all occupations in the system
  • Apply to jobs all over the US for all occupations in the system
  • Degree program suggestions
  • Video Profile Coaching that is dynamically generated to be specific to the user's profile

Fifteen Personal Development Charts and Reports

Charts for teams, leadership and management, personal development and sales.

Thirty-Five Occupation Sector Charts and Reports

Every occupation on the chart is detailed below the chart of clarification along with median income for that job.

Thirteen Education Charts and Reports

Undergraduate and associate degrees and certificates, college majors, trade schools, and high school charts and reports.

Personal Development and Career Coaching

Here is how our coaching works

If your are interested in personal coaching there are three steps to the process.

Step One

The first step is to purchase Compass and take the assessments. Once you have purchased Compass the system will send the login credentials to the email address you register with. The system will guide the registered user through the assessments and print a profile report once completed. Purchase the one on one option above.

Once the assessments are completed contact me with dates and times and a meeting place. I am in Ramona, CA so meeting half way would be preferable. If you are not in the San Diego area we can do it over the phone.

Step Two

One on one coaching is the second step.

We meet together and I will coach the user in how to live an intentional life calling where potential, purpose and passion meet. I will also identify the type of career the user should pursue in light of how he or she is wired.

In the session, I will also point out weaknesses and how to avoid common life pitfalls people stumble into. The session also includes coaching in how to use what is learned to choose a career or the best use of one's true genius in their career.

Step Three

The third step is to use the reports, charts, videos and mentoring messages to zero in on the best career options.



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